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As a travel, food, and culture writer, I'm honored to be part of an industry that invites people to connect with others and the natural world. Seeking moments that push me to do the same—whether it's diving with a school of hammerhead sharks or trying an unfamiliar dish—is a constant drive. I hope that my stories help readers tap into their own adventurous spirits and discover the unabashed thrill that comes with falling in love with a new city or culture. I am an active member of the Society of American Travel Writers.

Before starting my writing and editing business in 2020, I spent 10-plus-years at cutting-edge digital start-ups, international brands, and print magazines, including three years as assistant editor of Allure. As branded content editor at Quartz, I oversaw $1MM+ branded content campaigns for clients like Singapore Airlines, Delta, Hilton Honors, IBM, Walmart, eBay, and Slack. There, my work was recognized by organizations such as Numerator (formerly Brandtale). Prior to Quartz, I led content marketing for Sotheby’s inaugural ecommerce team, which successfully transformed into a major part of the auction house business strategy. Most recently, I worked on content strategy and production with Fortune 500 companies at The Economist.


In addition to travel, I have professional experience covering a variety of topics, including food, wellness, beauty, fashion, art, design, and tech, and use that diverse background to inform and enrich my stories.

Whether you’re an editor in need of a diligent, curious freelancer, a company trying to establish your voice in a crowded marketplace, or a creative agency looking for fresh, smart concepts, I can help.

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