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Seeking moments that push me as a traveler—whether it's diving with a school of hammerhead sharks or camping in the Australian outback—is a constant drive. I hope that my stories help readers tap into their own adventurous spirits and discover the thrill that comes with falling in love with a new city or culture.

Being an avid scuba diver enables me to see corners of the globe that many find off limits, and has helped me become more sensitive to sustainability and conservation issues around the world. I have a particular interest in writing about adventure travel, diving, wildlife experiences, eco-friendly luxury properties, and food. I am an active member of the Society of American Travel Writers.


In addition to travel, I have professional experience covering a variety of lifestyle topics, including wellness, beauty, art, and design, and use that background to inform and enrich my stories. Before starting my writing and editing business in 2020, I spent 10-plus-years at international brands and print magazines, including Sotheby's, The Economist, and Allure. As branded content editor at Quartz, I oversaw $1MM+ branded content campaigns for travel clients like Singapore Airlines, Delta, and Hilton Honors.

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